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Work for the Journal: 2015-2016 Open Positions

Staff - Advertisements - Web QualityThe Journal of Mason Graduate Research is recruiting volunteers for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

JMGR is looking for:

  • Peer Reviewers: Peer Reviewers are assigned submissions to read for content based on their particular area of study. JMGR is looking for Peer Reviewers from all disciplines,  particularly students from the sciences and arts.

  • Copy Editors: Copy Editors are assigned submissions to be reviewed and edited in accordance with APA, MLA or CMS, as well as the Journal of Mason Graduate Research’s particular style and formatting guidelines.

  • Education & Social Sciences Section Editor: The Education & Social Sciences Section Editor works in collaboration with the Managing Editor to provide the final review on all submissions pertaining to education and social sciences related topics. Position Filled.

  • Humanities & Art Section Editor: The Humanities & Art Section Editor works in collaboration with the Managing Editor to provide the final review on all submissions pertaining to humanities and fine arts related topics. Position Filled.

  • Science & Engineering Section Editor: The Science & Engineering Section Editor works in collaboration with the Managing Editor to provide the final review on all submissions pertaining to science and engineering related topics. Position Filled.

  • Marketing Director: The Marketing Director is responsible for advertising the Journal of Mason Graduate Research both online and across all Mason campuses, as well as represent the Journal at University events. The Marketing Director works closely with the Marketing/Social Media Assistant, the Web Director, Web Assistant, and Managing Editor.

  • Chief Financial Officer: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the budget for the Journal. Primary responsibilities include submitting funding requests, balancing expenditures and maintaining all records of finances. The CFO works closely with the board of the Journal to determine and assess the need for materials. Position Filled.

  • Editor-in-Chief: The Editor-in-Chief works closely with the Managing Editor and is responsible for the overall publication of the Journal of Mason Graduate Research. The Editor-in-Chief must have excellent communication, collaboration and time management skill and demonstrated academic writing and presentation skills. More information about the Editor-in-Chief position can be found here. Position Filled.

Graduate students from all disciplines are welcome to apply. Training and work with the Journal will begin during the spring 2015 semester.

Questions? Contact Alicia Cagle at jmgr@gmu.edu.

Want to apply? Email your resume/CV and a brief description outlining the role(s) you are applying for to Alicia Cagle at jmgr@gmu.edu.

Oct 30

APA, CMS, MLA Style Guide Resources

American Psychological Association (APA):

Learning APA Style Online

APA Self-Scoring Exercise

APA Citation Exercise

APA Citation Exercise Answers

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS):

Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed Guidelines

CMS Online

Modern Language Association (MLA):

Basics of MLA

MLA Quiz

Additional Resources:

3 Styles Comparison Chart

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)


Oct 23

Meeting October 2, 2014

JMGR Editorial Board Meeting

Thursday, October 2nd at 12:00pm, Graduate Student Lounge of Johnson Center

Present:  Eric ‘Siggy’ Scott, Alicia Cagle, Jenn Munson, Marilyn Sharif, Jaime Lester, and new members, Akashi Kaul (via Skype), and Zahra Abbassi

Absent: Meghan Arias, Josh Yavelberg, Mary Zamon, Heather Keenan, Tamara Kamel, and  Anne Driscoll


  1. I.               GAPSA Research Symposium – Alicia

  • GAPSA is planning for a Graduate Research Symposium to happen in March or April. While GAPSA will be the primary sponsor, they would like our help through hosting workshops about turning research papers into presentations, publishing top papers, and assisting with hosting this event.

  • We discussed the possibility of publishing a special edition for the Symposium papers in June 2015, which will be discussed further after more information is provided by GAPSA about the event at their Research Symposium Stakeholders meeting (Note: Stakeholders meeting is to be determined).


  1. II.             Publication – Alicia

  • It was suggested that JMGR begin using Issuu for a booklet style publication, and having OJS for a plain-text PDF version. All in attendance agreed this could be a dynamic way to present the journal. Alicia is working with Josh and Siggy on developing this idea.

  • Cover design being worked on by Jenn and Mason/Student Life Marketing. All JMGR members are requested to send their favorite journal covers to Jenn for ideas.

  • We changed the submissions deadline to January 15th and planned to advertise the Call for Submissions.

  • Modules for training on all subjects related to the publication process are being developed by Josh and will be posted on Blackboard.

  • We discussed expanding JMGR format styles beyond APA, to include MLA and Chicago.


  1. III.           Copy Editor Training –Anne, Heather, Alicia

  • Two copy editor training sessions will be held on Thursday, October 30, 2014, at 2 pm and repeated again at 6 pm in Fenwick Library, room 214. Each session should last an hour and a half to two hours.

  • Anne Driscoll will lead the training sessions with the assistance of Heather, Akashi and Alicia.

  • We discussed making this training mandatory for copy editors and peer reviewers, with the possibility of makeup days for those who have time conflicts. Heather Keenan is informing all Peer Reviewers and Akashi Kaul is informing all Copy Editors.


  1. IV.           Art Submissions – Alicia

  • We discussed accepting Art Submissions for JMGR Volume 2.

  • Jenn suggested referring to Phoebejournal.com, Mason’s art publication, for ideas on submission criteria and how to publish it.

  • Jaime suggested that JMGR needs someone to be involved who can provide guidance on reviewing art submissions.

  • We discussed the idea that art submissions to the JMGR might include a written statement with each piece and that we could include this requirement in the Call for Submissions.  However, Josh differed with this idea based on his professional experience in the field of art.

  • Josh is leading this project, but was not at the meeting today.  Per his emails, he is working on developing a rubric for art submissions, which we agreed needs to be in place prior to considering art submissions.  Also, he knows faculty from the art department and will consult them as he proceeds to develop guidelines for JMGR art submissions.


  1. V.             RSO Application Update – Marilyn

  • Marilyn updated the Editorial Board on the JMGR application for official student organization recognition at Mason (RSO)

  • Alicia and Jenn are completing required online trainings by the October 11th deadline for the RSO application process.

  • Marilyn and Jenn have signed up for the required RSO fiscal training and will complete this training by Nov. 3rd

  • Once we complete the fiscal training, Marilyn, Jenn and Alicia will develop a proposed budget for 2014 that will be presented to the JMGR Editorial Board for discussion and its approval.

  • The 2013 JMGR Editorial Board determined that a priority for the initial JMGR RSO budget should be publishing a limited quantity (approximately 30) printed copies of the JMGR Volume 1 (issues 1 and 2 combined) for complimentary distribution to:

    • First, authors, Editorial Board members and faculty advisors who contributed to publishing the inaugural JMGR Volume 1

    • Second, Mason Administrators who supported the development of the JMGR, and

    • Third, any remaining copies for JMGR promotion purposes.

Mary Zamon has been heading the development of this project, and will present JMGR with an estimate to be included in its first RSO budget

  • More updates on the JMGR RSO at the next Editorial Board meeting in November


  1. VI.           Editorial Board Retreat – Jaime

  • We discussed Jamie’s suggestion to have a half day retreat to discuss what’s working and what’s not.  This retreat would be planned for January for all Editorial Board members.


  1. VII.         Volunteer Appreciation – Alicia

  • We discussed a suggestion that JMGR recognize and show appreciation for ALL volunteers. One idea is to host a JMGR social once we are an RSO and have funding.

  • This social would include peer reviewers, copyeditors, the Editorial Board, and all other volunteers.

  • Everyone in attendance agreed with this suggestion.


  1. VIII.       Communications – Jenn

  • In the beginning of the JMGR, its current logo was developed by Josh to meet a need at that time.  Although it was submitted by Marilyn to the appropriate office for approval, we never received a response.

  • Since then, new Mason policy requires all branding to meet their requirements.

  • Jenn and her marketing team will be working with Mason’s marketing department to design an acceptable JMGR logo and cover design that meets Mason’s current branding requirements.


  1. IX.           Information Sessions and JMGR Appearances – Jenn

  • The JMGR Marketing Team plans to attend Mason’s Alumni Weekend and Gradstravaganza

  • Flyers asking for volunteers and submissions have been posted on Prince William, Fairfax, and Arlington campuses, as well as on the JMGR website/blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Once JMGR is approved as a RSO, Jenn plans to schedule Information Sessions and Write-ins as ways to promote the JMGR.

  1. X.             Other Contributions?

  • JMGR may start having a guest from GAPSA for Editorial Board meetings.

  • Jenn will begin the search for a publication editor/graphic designer since Siggy has more programming/technical web skills.

  • New members of JMGR include: Akashi Kaul, Lead Copy Editor; Zahra Abbassi, Assistant Managing Editor; Tamara Kamel, Social Media/Marketing Assistant; and approximately 7 copy editors and peer reviewers.

Oct 23

Meeting August 28, 2014

JMGR Editorial Board Meeting

Thursday, August 28th at 5:30pm, Graduate Student Lounge of Johnson Center

Present:  Marilyn Sharif, Alicia Cagle, Meghan Arias, Heather Keenan, Jenn Munson, Mary Zamon, Josh Yavelberg, Eric ‘Siggy’ Scott

Absent: Jessica Clark, Jaime Lester, Steven Harris Scott


  1. I.               Introduction & Objectives- Marilyn

    1. Welcome to new GPA/Managing Editor, Alicia Cagle.

    2. Hope to publish at least 1 issue this year

    3. November 1st deadline for all submission for Volume 2, Issue 1 which will come out in January 2015. Anything submitted after November 1 will be considered for next issue


  1. II.             Call for Papers – Heather

    1. Heather’s email address will be included in the Call for Papers

    2. Journal will require APA style.

i.     Links/tutorials will be provided for non-APA disciplines

ii.     Anne Driscoll to offer training in October

  1. Only students in Masters or Doctoral programs at Mason may submit

  2. III.           Peer Review – Heather

    1. 17 peer reviewers from last year have confirmed interest.

    2. Must collect more peer reviewers from various disciplines

    3. Blackboard will serve as LMS for peer review

    4. ACTION: Marilyn will send Josh the Blackboard setup information

  1. IV.           Branding – Alicia and Jenn

    1. Creating letterhead and branding document to ensure consistency

    2. Official JMGR tagline to be proposed and voted on through email

  1. V.             Marketing Plan – Jenn

    1. Will inform colleges with flyers and in person visits

    2. Focus on liberal arts programs to begin, moving forward work to incorporate more opportunities for “hard” science programs

    3. Advertise with Graduate Student Life and GAPSA

    4. Canvass high-traffic areas on campus

    5. Fourth Estate will be contacted in hopes that we can advertise the Call for Papers and Call for Volunteers

    6. Social Media to be implemented more effectively over the next year.

    7. Jenn and Alicia plan to present at Gradstravaganza on Friday, Sept. 5

  1. VI.           OJS Introduction/Tutorial – Josh

    1. Working on Blackboard, will take time but hopes to have it ready later this semester

    2. Review process must happen in Open Journal System

    3. Template of print version in progress

    4. Gmail accounts will be setup/fixed, use Google Drive to maintain documents everyone needs access to, such as: Constitution, meeting minutes, department contacts, call for papers


  1. VII.         Mason Student Organization Application – Marilyn

    1. Revisions suggested to constitution, final revisions requested by next week

    2. Marilyn proposes Eric Scott as Assistant Editor

i.     No objections

  1. ACTION: Heather will research adding DOI numbers to articles

  2. Would like to alternate meeting times, one during the day the next in the evening

  3. The next meeting may be a Thursday around lunchtime


  1. VIII.       JMGR Positions – Alicia

    1. Social media/marketing assistant position approved in order to help Jenn

  2. IX.           Roster/Contact Information – Alicia

    1. Anyone who has not already provided their contact information are instructed to do so after the meeting

  1. X.             Other Contributions?

    1. No other contributions

Oct 06

2014-2015 Call for Submissions

In February 2015 the Journal of Mason Graduate Research (JMGR) will publish its second volume. The JMGR is designed for all graduate and professional students at George Mason University (Mason), regardless of area of study.  It provides Mason and the broader academic community a quality, peer reviewed, open access journal of graduate and faculty research. This second volume will reflect an emergent theme based on the articles submitted.  All graduate research is relevant.

JMGR seeks to provide all Mason graduate and professional students opportunities to be exposed to the peer review and publication processes, as well as provide opportunities for Mason faculty to perform service to the university through academic contributions and mentorships.

Each manuscript must be formatted using one of three styles, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition (APA), the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (Chicago), or Modern Language Association, 7th edition (MLA). Each manuscript should contain: a title page with full title and subtitle (if any); an abstract of 150 words; and contain up to 6 keywords. Manuscripts should be between 1500-7000 words. Please submit all documents as a Microsoft Word document. PDFs will not be reviewed.

Any art submissions will be accepted for original work. At this time, all art submissions for review must be emailed to JMGR.Peer.Review@gmail.com. Art submissions must include an attached Microsoft Word document with a statement about the piece, minimum 150 words per piece.

Articles must be written in English. Use a clear readable style, avoiding jargon. If technical terms or acronyms must be used, define them when first used. Use non-racist, non-sexist language. Authors should refrain from using language that is demeaning to a persons’ age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language or socioeconomic status. Furthermore, authors are required to adhere to George Mason University’s Code of Student Ethics. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in an automatic rejection.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions from copyright holders for reproduction of any illustrations, tables, or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere. Any information brought forth submitted that does not adhere to this policy will be submitted to the appropriate office (Office of Academic Integrity and/or Provost’s Office) as an accusation of plagiarism and/or copyright infringement.

The review process for manuscripts is anonymous and blind-review. Therefore, authors should remove all material that is considered identifying information except for a cover page (as described below). As such, authors should not refer to themselves or any of their published work with identifying information. If an author cites himself, please use the name “Author” and publication date (i.e. Author, 2013). For co-authored publications, place “Author” where your name would appear in the citation. If the article is accepted for publication, “Author” will be replaced with the author’s name.

To submit an article for review, please register on our journal site: http://journals.gmu.edu/jmgr

To register, click on LOG IN at the top of the Welcome webpage, and then click on “Register with this site” below the Log In button. When completing the registration form, be sure to note that you are an Author, though you may also sign up to be a Reviewer as well. Once registered, under your user home page, you can click “New Submission” and follow the five-step process to post your article for review. The site will notify you once the submission is in the queue and you can track its process through the site. Please email JMGR.web.director@gmail.com if you have any questions about the log in or registration process.

Submitted articles are forwarded to a review committee composed of graduate students and mentoring faculty members. Each article will be reviewed by an editor and then by two peer reviewers. All reviews are conducted blindly, therefore for the purposes of blind refereeing, full name of each author with current affiliation and full address/phone/email details plus short biographical note should be supplied on a separate cover sheet. Following the review, you will receive one of the following scores by February 5, 2015:

  1. Accept –Will be published with no additional modification needed, except minor grammatical and syntax errors.

  2. Revise and Resubmit – Publication meets some major requirements but revisions are needed. Once resubmitted, the manuscript will be brought straight to the Editorial Board for approval or rejection.

  3. Reject – Manuscript does not meet major requirements and will not have the opportunity to resubmit.

By submitting a manuscript, you agree that:

  1. You have properly attributed all sources.

  2. JMGR has the priority/exclusive right to first publication.

  3. JMGR and the author will retain a shared copyright to the publication.

  4. You have not submitted this article or a section of this article to other journals.

  5. The Journal editor reserves the right to make editorial changes related to the appropriate style, grammar, and length of the manuscript.

Please submit your work to http://journals.gmu.edu/jmgr by January 15, 2015.

The expected date of publication for the Journal is February 2015, using the Open Journal System (OJS).

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