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2016-2017 Managing Editor/Graduate Assistant Job Opening


This position will work alongside the Editor-in-Chief in providing editorial support for JMGR and report to Jaime Lester, Faculty Advisor for JMGR and Associate Professor for the Higher Education Program.

Required Skills/Qualifications: 

  • Must be enrolled in one of George Mason University’s Graduate Programs (not provisional admission)
  • Must be reliable, responsible, and self-motivated 
Must possess strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Preferred experience in editing or copyediting or background in English
  • Must have strong English language skills
  • Must have an ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and communicate with professionals
  • Must exhibit exceptional professionalism and a strong work ethic
  • Must be available and accessible for the time commitment involved
  • Must be competent in the use of Microsoft Word and online databases and a quick learner for other online systems

Position Responsibilities: 
As part of this Graduate Professional Assistantship, the GPA will serve as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Mason Graduate Research. The following are the responsibilities of that position (these duties may be subject to change):

  • Accountable to, collaborates and maintains regular communications with the JMGR Primary Faculty Advisor, faculty of record for supervision of the GPA position, and to the JMGR Editor-in Chief, supervisor of GPA work assignments
  • Collaborates with and assists the Editor-in-Chief in leading the JMGR RSO according to its RSO Constitution and in collaboration with the JMGR RSO Executive Committee that includes the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor (GPA), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Editorial Board Secretary and Web Director
  • Assists, works in partnership, and maintains regular communications with JMGR Editor-in-Chief, the JMGR Executive Committee, and the Editorial Board to manage the overall publication process of the JMGR, including the recruitment of volunteers to fill open JMGR positions
  • Attends meetings of and assists the Editor-in-Chief in overseeing the JMGR Editorial Board in collaboration with the JMGR Executive Committee in the publication and promotion of JMGR
  • Assists JMGR Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in setting journalistic standards, policies, goals, vision and mission
  • Reports progress, issues, problems, etc. to the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board; implements appropriate resolutions
  • Collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief to coordinate, manage and facilitate JMGR administrative, peer review, copy editing and publication processes, and supervise editors’ work
  • Manages the publication process to ensure submissions are published in a timely manner; collaborates with Editor-in-Chief  in setting and implementing production standards and deadlines for the publication of JMGR
  • Assists with proofreading selected content for publication as needed
  • Collaborates with the Web Director to publish JMGR content online through the Open Journal System (OJS), and in hard copy when decided by the Editorial Board.
  • Collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Secretary to schedule and coordinate Editorial Board meetings, prepare agendas, and take, edit, and distribute Editorial Board notes
  • Monitors JMGR email inquiries (Mason email account) and forwards them to the appropriate editor
  • Collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief and Chief Financial Officer to develop and manage an annual budget, as well as create and maintain appropriate funding
  • Provides final approval of JMGR purchases with the assistance of the Chief Financial Officer and Editor-in-Chief, as needed
  • Keeps track of any JMGR expenditures and reports them to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Collaborates with the JMGR Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board to market the journal and recruit JMGR volunteer editorial staff
  • Documents the implementation of JMGR production operations and maintains institutional knowledge for the smooth transition of operations between incoming and outgoing Editorial Boards
  • Writes editorials as needed

Time Commitments: 
The Graduate Assistant position is designed for a 20 hour per week work commitment.

At times, the work may require extended hours and/or night and weekend work hours. This position is a 10-month commitment from August to May and has the potential for renewing the contract for the following year.

The GA Position will consist of a $12,500 compensation package for the 2016-2017 academic year. The money will be distributed evenly via stipend on the 1st and 16th of the month for the employment contract period.
The GA will also receive a waiver for 6 credits each semester for 2016-2017 (at in-state rate; fees are not included)

To Apply:
To apply for this position, please submit a letter of interest, resume, and three professional references by April 10, 2016 to jmgr@gmu.edu with “Graduate Assistant Application” in the Subject.

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